Invisible Braces to Boost Your Smile & Confidence

There’s never been a better time to straighten your teeth with the option of advanced clear aligners. Guildford Dental is proud to be a certified provider of ClearCorrect clear aligners, which give you a clear, convenient, and comfortable option to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. A complimentary consultation with one of our dentists can determine if Clearcorrect clear aligners are right for you.

Clear & Virtually Invisible

Many Advantages of Using ClearCorrectTM Clear Braces

ClearCorrectTM clear braces provide an excellent, convenient and aesthetic way to straighten teeth that have mild to moderate malocclusion. They consist of soft plastic trays that are comfortable and gently align the teeth. Their transparency makes them nearly invisible, allowing the natural beauty of your teeth to shine throughout the treatment process. These trays are also removable, so regular diets or oral hygiene maintenance can continue. You can choose to leave the aligner trays out temporarily to attend special social occasions like weddings, reunions or graduations.

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How Clear Aligners (ClearCorrectTM) Straightens Teeth

At the first visit, we click photos and scan your teeth, making a detailed three-dimensional mould that will be used to plan your Clearcorrect treatment. We use these to generate a virtual computerized 3D simulation showing a stepwise progression of your teeth straightening along with the final outcome of the process. Once we have your approval to proceed with treatment the lab creates a series of clear trays that will gradually move your teeth into proper alignment. There is no guesswork as to how your new smile will look.

Time Saved with Clear Retainers

Faster treatment time is also an advantage of ClearCorrect clear trays. Patients receive their aligner trays at the second dental appointment, and subsequent appointments are typically scheduled every six weeks. Appointments also require less time because the dentist is monitoring your progress instead of changing wires and tightening brackets.

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