Sleep Dentistry

Also known as sleep or twilight dentistry it is an advanced form of sedation that uses a combination of relaxing and pain-relieving drugs to ensure patients are comfortable and pain-free during their procedure.

Usually the patient is not fully unconscious, but rather in an induced highly relaxed, sleep-like state. When you ‘awake’ you usually don’t remember much if anything about the procedure, it just feels like you are waking from a relaxing sleep.

Sleep or sedation dentistry, in the dental chair, could be a great alternative option for surgical removal of all your wisdom teeth over general anesthetic at a hospital setting.
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TMJ & Sleep

Renowned for delivering exceptional TMJ & sleep dental treatments, the experienced team at Guildford Dental Centre will help to ensure your visit is one to remember. We are experienced in treating TMJ disorders and offer a choice of treatments that we have found success with.

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TMJ dysfunction occurs when the jaw joint becomes damaged or displaced through stress, trauma, and excessive teeth grinding. Symptoms of TMJ disorders include headaches, pain in the jaw, and an inability to completely open your mouth. You may also experience clicking and popping and inflammation of the jaw joint. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located at the point where your jawbone and skull meet and is used whenever you eat, drink, speak, swallow, and even yawn.

Additional problems caused by TMJ dysfunction may include: ringing in the ears, neck and facial pain, limited head movement, wearing down of teeth, and dizziness.

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