Wisdom tooth symptoms and solutions

May 14, 2024 0

You may be familiar with wisdom teeth, which are the last teeth to grow in the back corners of your mouth. When they align perfectly with the rest of your teeth they are fully functional. But when they are mal aligned or trapped, they serve no practical purpose.
Moreover, when mal aligned, they often cause discomfort as they don’t have enough space or grow at improper angles. Understanding issues related to wisdom teeth and the available solutions can be beneficial in maintaining oral health.

Symptoms of Wisdom Tooth:
  • Pain and Discomfort: Pain in the back of mouth is the most common symptom of improper wisdom teeth. This pain can be mild sometimes but quite often excruciating and persistent depending on how mal positioned they are.
  • Swelling and Redness: Swelling and redness in the areas around the gum line at the back of the mouth is a sign that the wisdom tooth is in trouble.
  • Difficulty Opening Mouth: In severe cases, impacted wisdom teeth can lead the patient to have difficulty opening the mouth completely due to swelling or infection.
  • Gum Infection: The possibility of the partial eruption of wisdom teeth may cause bacteria to accumulate, which in turn results in gum infections such as pericoronitis.
  • Crowding or Shifting of Teeth: When wisdom teeth emerge horizontally or at an angle, they may put neighboring teeth at risk of being pushed out of their proper alignment with other teeth.
  • Jaw Stiffness: The dental symptom of pain and stiffness of the jaw, especially when chewing or biting down, is one of those that impacted wisdom teeth can cause.
Following are the Solutions to Wisdom Teeth Problem
  • Monitoring: However, not all wisdom teeth need to be removed immediately. Often, regular dental check-ups can reveal the dental development and the early detection of the problems.
  • Pain Management: The use of over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen may help ease the pain and discomfort that accompany the complications of wisdom teeth.
  • Antibiotics: If the infection is present, your dentist will probably prescribe antibiotics to clear the infection before proceeding to further treatment.
  • Extraction: It is the best shot to get rid of wisdom teeth pain when they are causing persistent problems. This may include basic extractions of erupted teeth or complex surgical removals of impacted or partially erupted teeth.
  • Surgical Options: Especially in situations where wisdom teeth are impacted or embedded deep in the jawbone, surgical removal may be required. Generally, it includes making an incision on the gum tissue and pulling out a bone part which in turn provides access to the tooth.
  • Orthodontic Treatment: Wisdom teeth can sometimes cause crowding or biting inconsistencies; in such cases, orthodontic treatment like braces or clear aligners may be advised to shift the teeth to their proper positions.
Preventive Measures:
  • Regular Dental Check-ups: Dental visits at regular intervals allow your dentist to keep an eye on the growth and positioning of the wisdom teeth and take any necessary action before it becomes critical.
  • Good Oral Hygiene: Daily brushing, flossing, and using antiseptic mouthwash will be beneficial as they help prevent the buildup of bacteria and reduce the likelihood of gum infections.
  • X-rays: Dental X-rays may be an important tool to determine how the wisdom teeth are situated and if there are indications of any possible problems.

The symptoms of wisdom tooth disorders should be understood and knowing the solutions together with the promotion of good oral health is necessary. If you notice any symptoms like pain, swelling, or difficulty opening your mouth, do not hesitate to call your dentist as soon as possible. Through regular check-ups and immediate action, you can stop wisdom teeth-related problems and have a beautiful smile for the rest of your life.
If you’re worried about your wisdom teeth, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Guildford dental team at 08 6104 0370 and schedule an appointment.

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